Marketing Roles in Retail and Leisure

From marketing director jobs to general management jobs, there are many senior roles in the leisure industry. Below are several leadership roles in the industry.

Extra information about marketing director jobs

Marketing Directors 

Marketing directors main duty is to increase a resort's profits by creating and executing programs to attract more guests. Marketing managers must become familiar with what factors influence a hotel or resort's success, such as what customers are saying they want, what they are not fond of and things of that nature. Those in this role typically manage a staff that engage with customers.

Marketing managers research trends in the industry and make changes to their strategy if they notice certain trends. This is why directors in this role need to have a keen eye on what's trending, what potentially will be trending and what is down-trending.

Supply Chain Manager

A supply chain manager performs many duties, such as purchasing supplies for the entire chain of hotels when they notice certain supplies are running low. This may include item such as toiletries, coffee, snacks and things of that nature. They have to remain in constant communication with factories and warehouses that store the hotel chain's products, and they sometimes play a role in determining logistics to ensure timely delivery of products.

Hotel Manager

A hotel manager typically manages one or two departments of a hotel. For example, a hotel bar manager will be in charge of telling bartenders what to do and the day-to-day operations of the bar. A manager of a hotel gym manages gym staff, ensures the facility remains clean and that objectives are being met, such as maintaining certain standards. A hotel manager typically reports to a general manager or directly to the owners of the hotel they are working at.

General Manager

A general manager performs the same tasks as a manager of a hotel, except they take on additional duties. They oversee all or nearly all of hotel staff, including personnel that works in human resources, janitors, management staff, bartenders and many more. Although there are many types of departments at a hotel, such as gyms, bars, restaurants, financial etc. . ., a general manager will usually be responsible for all of them. He'll work with managers from different departments to ensure that goals and objectives are being met. There are guidelines set forth by the owners of hotels, and a general manager ensures those guidelines are followed.

Those are a few examples of senior roles in the leisure industry. Different job roles require different skill-sets.